Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Reviews for 2XL Supercross

Here are some reviews that have surfaced for 2XL Supercross. Thanks for all the kind words everyone!!

"Just when you thought you had convinced yourself that your archaic flip phone is back in style and that you don't need to drop three hundo on an iPhone, 2XL Games goes and releases THE DOPEST game to ever hit the iPhone. "

App Craver
9/10 "The Best Looking Game on the iPhone"

The APPera
"Frankly, this is the best motorcross racing in the store… and even the best racing game released."

A- "It took nine months, but the iPhone and iPod touch finally have a game that looks and feels as if it could have been released for Sony’s PlayStation Portable."

Touch Arcade
"While the controls are great and the track design is excellent, both of these things take a back seat when it comes to how remarkable the graphics of this game are. Without exception, 2XL Supercross is the most amazing looking game I’ve seen on my iPhone."

"A mere $7.99 for something that looks like it belongs on a console game. Pretty cool."

True Game Headz
4.5 out of 5 stars "They’ve created a solid game that shows off the impressive technical capabilities of a fancy new device unlike any other game available on the platform, and (quite possibly the best part) they can do all this for less than $10."

If you own an iPhone and you haven't yet gotten your hands on 2XL Supercross, check it out on iTunes!